A label that some of the religious will often deploy is the term “Atheist Fundamentalist”, but this is a meaningless combination of words. Try these combinations … Atheist Christian Muslim Atheist So what do the above describe? You might for example infer that such combinations apply to individuals who have a […]

There are no Atheist Fundamentalists

We’ll I guess I knew it was coming … the signs were there … but alas my laptop has now departed this reality and gone to silicon heaven, so no posts for a day or two until a get a new one up and running. Panic not … Normal service […]

Yikes a crash

Dinosaurs dominated the earth for over 150 million years and it was not until about 66 million years ago that they ceased to exist. Whether this extinction was a gradual process or an abrupt catastrophic end has been subject for scientific and geological discussion for many years. In search for […]

What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?