I appear to have a pattern here in which I pick three of the weirdest bits of religious news items from the previous seven days, for example last week here, and the week before here, and the week before that here. Basically the filter is that if it is specifically […]

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News items

So the news is in fact about the news itself, or to be more precise, is about a decision that has been taken by Associated Press, they have decided that they will no longer deploy the term “skeptic” or “denier” to describe those that reject the current scientific consensus regarding […]

No more Climate Change Deniers … with a stroke of a pen they are all ...

Fox News already has a reputation as a highly unreliable and extremely biased source for everything they do and so it came as no surprise to discover one of their “experts” simply making stuff up. The latest rather hilarious (for us) gaff is their terrorism expert, Steve Emerson, making the rather absurd claim that Birmingham […]

#FoxNewsFacts Trends Worldwide After Fox ‘Expert’ Completely Makes Up Fake Story

Why oh why have vast swathes of the UK population gone quite frankly nuts? As an acknowledgement of this new reality, the BBC is offering wall-to-wall coverage of what is essentially no news at all. OK, this is hard to type, so lets get it out … I confess, I’m […]

#royalbaby overload