An “interesting” assortment of quite unique individuals have been selected by Mr Trump to fill the various posts within his cabinet. OK yes, I’m abusing the word “interesting” within that last sentence.  Alas, what I’m about to reveal is public knowledge and also quite frankly very disturbing. So who has […]

Trump Appointees & #Climate – Where do they stand?

The Trump administration will need to come to terms with the fact that many will not be simply rolling over to accommodate scientific illiteracy. Gov. Brown of California has now made his stance abundantly clear. We have already observed the start of a witch hunt with a request for the names of specific […]

Gov. Jerry Brown – “California will launch its own damn satellites” – #Climate

A rather regular part of office life is the fire drill, an evert that you really do hope never happens when it is tipping down outside. When standing in the car park on one such occasion, I commented that this was a complete waste of time. In response , a colleague told us […]

Is the Effort to copy and preserve U.S. climate data paranoia or appropriate? – #Climate

Chris Mooney has been writing within the Washington Post about a lake of water that exists underneath an ice shelf in East Antarctica … “Many people refer to East Antarctica as being too cold for significant melt,” says Jan Lenaerts, a glaciologist with the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. “I mean […]

The secrets of hidden lakes of water in #Antarctic hint at dire consequences