Edzard Ernst, has pointed out a rather “interesting” paper that has been written by a German child/adolescent psychiatrist and homeopathic physician, Michael Hartmann. Prof Ernst points it out, not because he thinks it is good, but because despite having a string of letters after his name (MD, PhD, FMedSci, FSB, FRCP, FRCPEd), he […]

Befuddling and blinding with meaningless gibberish

The Liverpool Echo reports the following bit of good news … Liverpool health bosses are spending £30,000 a year of taxpayers’ money on treatment the NHS admits does not work. The Good Thinking Society, a pro-science charity, threatened the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with legal action over its funding […]

Liverpool NHS to review £30k homeopathy bill

Today’s BBC Big Questions has three – ‘Are the rich paying their fair share?’, ‘Should the NHS fund homeopathy?’ and ‘Are women taking over religion?’ Oh this is easy … “No”, “No”, and “Nobody cares (except a few religious folks)”, ah but getting there will be fun, because as I […]

Should the UK’s NHS fund homeopathy? #BBCTBQ

The rather amusing news is that Terra-Medica, a producer Homeopathy remedies has had to recalls more than 50 lots across its range because they potentially contained an active ingredient that just might do something – penicillin. The UK’s Independent reports … A company making homeopathic remedies in the US has had to […]

Homeopathy – the “cure” that contains no active ingredients

In the context of the question Homeopathy: trickery or treatment? – you know the right answer, or at least I do hope that you do, and so what is of more interest to us here is that Jonathan McCrea speaks to the world’s most famous skeptic, James Randi who is now 85, […]

Interview with James Randi : “Homeopathy: trickery or treatment?” Yesterday 22nd Feb