Saudi woman executed for ‘witchcraft and sorcery’

A lady in Saudi, who operated as a con-artist and tricked people into handing over money by claiming she had supernatural powers that could cure them, has been executed by a bunch of delusional religious thugs. She was guilty of fraud of course … but a death sentence!!! .. are the Saudi authorities so moronically stupid that they truly believed she had such powers? Apparently yes. The BBC reported here

A statement published by the state news agency said Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was beheaded on Monday in the northern province of Jawf.

The ministry gave no further details of the charges which the woman faced.

The woman was the second person to be executed for witchcraft in Saudi Arabia this year. A Sudanese man was executed in September. […]

The London-based newspaper, al-Hayat, quoted a member of the religious police as saying that she was in her 60s and had tricked people into giving her money, claiming that she could cure their illnesses.

Our correspondent said she was arrested in April 2009.

But the human rights group Amnesty International, which has campaigned for Saudis previously sentenced to death on sorcery charges, said it had never heard of her case until now, he adds.

Her religiously driven and state sponsored murder is yet another example of the gross human rights violations that take place when delusional beliefs gain the upper hand, and her death is number 73 this year in Saudi. What makes this truly appalling is that the charges of ‘witchcraft and sorcery’ are not defined as crimes in Saudi Arabia, so using them to subject someone to the cruel and extreme penalty of execution is utterly abhorrent.

There are some crimes such as murder that do often result in a death penalty right across many regimes, but tragically the Saudi kingdom of religious thugs opt to impose death for crimes such as witchcraft (which is just a con or a delusion), or apostasy (leaving Islam).

There has been a huge increase in the number of these state sponsored murders in recent years and often those executed have had no defence lawyer and are not informed about the legal proceedings against them.

They might attempt to try and hide behind religion and claim that they are simply enforcing god’s will, sharia law. If criticized, they might also claim it’s not your belief, nor is it your culture, and so while it might be wrong for you, for us it is right because it’s the will of god for us.

Nope, wrong answer, you do not get the play the moral relativism card to justify murder. Murder is murder, regardless of culture, belief or politics. This state of religious thugs needs to be called out for such crimes and treated as a pariah state, not pampered because they have oil.

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