#QEDcon – Day1 (Part2 – Evening)

So far I’ve posted …

… and so here below are a few shots I captured in the evening during Day1 (yes, I’m that far behind now) If you would like higher resolution copies, ping me, or if these are OK, feel free to simply grab and reuse. I’ll do my Day2 pictures tomorrow, and then proceed to resume my normal blogging after that (Apologies, yes perhaps describing what I do in the blogosphere is redefining the word “normal”)

Rebel Dinner

No Gala dinner pictures, because I attended the rebel dinner instead. Yep. we made our traditional pilgrimage to TOPS, the ideal venue where you pay a flat fee and have a wide selection. Looking at it on the map I realised we were a short walk to the Alan Turing statue, so suggested that we make a small detour there on the way back, and that is exactly what we did. So here is the Alan Turning special interest group …



and since I was holding the camera I’m not in it, so here is me (least you wonder, I’m the one on the right).



Best Blog winner is: Haley is a Ghost


Best Podcast : Godless Spellchecker (Yes, we finally get to see what he looks like :-) )


Best Campaign – Stop the SaatchiBill


Editors Choice – Mark Tillbrook



Joe Foreman – 


Kate Smurthwaite


The wonderful Mitch Ben


Oh and finally let’s not forget about the Richard Wiseman’s Chicken





Day2 pictures will be posted tomorrow.

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